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Priya took her parents to New Zealand for a two-week trip. Unfortunately, her mother fell ill during the trip and had to be admitted to a hospital. When an incident like this happens in a new place, it can be a nightmare, especially when one has limited amount of money. But Priya had made a wise decision of taking out a travel plan for her parents and herself. All she had to do was get her mother admitted to a nearby hospital where she was offered a cashless service.

Travelling abroad is an exciting feeling - you get to meet new people, try out different cuisines, learn about a new culture etc. While you are planning the different activities you’d like to participate in, it is highly important that you give travel insurance a serious thought. Travelling without a travel insurance policy is a huge risk to take. Should something happen, all that you’ve invested in your holiday can go down the drain. When you have an overseas insurance cover in place, you can have the assurance that your investments are protected in case anything leads you to change your plans.

Here are some of the benefits of having travel insurance:

  • If you fall ill or suffer an injury and need to be hospitalised, you will be covered for hospital stays and medical treatments. Make sure to read the terms and conditions of your travel insurer to check the kinds of treatments you can avail overseas.
  • You are financially protected in case your luggage is lost or gets stolen during your trip. The compensation you are to receive willdepend on the level of cover you have opted for. 
  • Announcements of flight delays or cancellations are enough to dampen one’s holiday spirit. If you are unable to reach your destination on time, you stand to lose the deposits that you’ve made on hotel bookings and other travel arrangements. A travel insurance policy will compensate you for all that. But make sure to read through the terms of your cancellation cover to know what all you’ll be covered for.

Travelling without insurance is never wise, you need financial security in case something goes wrong. Compare the policies of various insurance providers and settle for one that will cover all the risks at an affordable cost.

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