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A Comprehensive Understanding of Travel Insurance for Students

Traveling to the US, Paris, Australia, New Zealand or any other foreign country for studies is a whole new experience and fills one with thrills, hopes, and all the positive energy. The atmosphere at home before going is filled with both – the excitement of the beginning of a new life and, the fear of the unexpected in a foreign land. Unfortunate events like falling sick, meeting with an accident, breaking teeth, losing baggage or one’s worst nightmare – losing passport, can make your stay difficult both on the mind and on the wallet. Medical expenses in countries like the US et al. are towering at a much faster rate than in India. What should the students then focus on - studies or expenses? These unfortunate instances can shift students’ focus from their studies. In such a situation, experts advise to cut down the worries with a student travel plan.

Each year, over 3,00,000 Indian students go abroad to pursue education. However, not all go insured. By the time they realize the significance of having a student travel plan, it is too late. In addition, many of them are completely unaware of the availability of such provision in India. This article hence is written to explain student travel insurance by answering some of the key questions on the subject. Read on to know what aspects to focus on before taking up a student travel plan.

What is Student Travel Insurance?

Student Travel Insurance is specifically designed to cover students in the event of medical emergency, loss of passport or baggage while they are abroad.

It provides cover for the following:

  • Expenses incurred for any sudden illness, injury while the student is abroad
  • Coverage for dental treatment
  • Compensation for the loss of passport and baggage or baggage delay
  • Payment of tuition fees in case of an interruption in studies due to the hospitalization of the insured
  • Payment of tuition fees in case of repatriation on account of the death of a family member
  • In case of hospitalization for more than 7 days, the insurer will sponsor the ticket and accommodation of one of the family members of the insured person
  • In the event of the death of the sponsor, the insurer will pay for the remaining tuition fees of the insured person
  • Coverage in case of injury during a college sport event
  • Expenses incurred while transporting the insured’s mortal remains back to the home country (India) in case of an untimely death

A student’s travel insurance plan is more comprehensive than a general travel insurance plan given that the former’s benefits are more (as discussed above). A general insurance plan may not compensate for your tuition fees. In addition, general travel insurance usually does not cover extreme sport (although there are exceptions now) but, student insurance plans have special provisions for it so that students can enjoy and participate in college sports activities.

What’s NOT covered in student travel insurance?

The student shall not be eligible for the coverage amount in the following conditions:

  • If s/he is traveling against the advice of a physician
  • Expenses incurred in relation to any pre-existing disease unless the medical condition is life-threatening
  • Suicide or attempted suicide or any self-inflicted injury
  • Sexually Transmitted Conditions
  • Expenses related to unproven & experimental treatments
  • War or civil commotion

How can one buy a student insurance plan?

Buying student insurance plan is very simple, especially, in the technologically advancing world. You can get the right travel insurance plan for yourself or your child on various digital platforms or you can also download the OneInsure App and get everything from the purchase of policy to the services & support you may require post purchase.

Note: 18 to 35 years is the standard age limit of student insurance plans. However, some insurers offer student travel insurance to individuals as young as 16, while the maximum age can be up to 50 years.



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