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All You Need to Know about Top-up Cover in Health Insurance
Health Insurance

All You Need to Know about Top-up Cover in Health Insurance

To protect your phone from bumps and damages, you use a screen-guard. But when it rains, the screen-guard alone cannot help you protect your phone. You need a plastic baggie to keep the phone dry and safe from water. In the same way, a health insurance plan is the screen-guard and the additional plastic baggie used when it rains is the health insurance top-up plan.

What Is a Top-up Cover?

It is an additional health cover that provides coverage when your base (original/primary) health insurance coverage is exhausted. Let’s understand with the help of an example.

Mr. Sharma is hospitalised and he has a health insurance cover of Rs 5 lakhs. Due to the seriousness of the ailment, the medical expenses go above Rs 5 lakhs and end up at Rs 8.5 lakhs. The additional expenses of Rs 3.5 lakhs would drain out Mr. Sharma’s other savings.

However, if Mr. Sharma would have a top-up cover, the additional expenses could be easily paid for without draining his other savings.

When we say that a top-up cover of Rs 10 lakhs has a deductible of Rs 5 lakhs, it means that any bill amount that goes up to Rs 5 lakhs would be met by the health plan and any amount beyond that limit would be settled by the top-up cover. In the above case, the additional expenses of Rs 3.5 lakhs would be met with a top-up health plan.

What Is a Deductible?

A top-cover offers coverage only when a specific cut-off amount or deductible is crossed. In the above example, if the top-up deductible was Rs 5 lakhs, then Mr. Sharma had to manage the expenses up to Rs 5 lakhs either by using his original (base) health insurance policy or from his own pocket, but the expenses which went above Rs 5 lakh will be covered by the top-up plan.

It is important to choose a top-up plan that perfectly balances with your base health plan, where the adequate cover and adequate deductible are maintained.

What Are the Advantages of a Top-up Cover?

Here are the advantages of having a top-up cover:

  • Top-ups are available along with individual as well as family-floater health plans.
  • Top-ups offer tax deduction under Section 80(D) on the premiums paid.
  • Top-ups offer coverage even if your base (primary) health policy is brought from some other insurer. The basic health insurance policy and the top-up plan can be of two different companies.
  • The combination of a health policy + top-up policy is much cheaper compared to the cost of buying a health policy with the same coverage.

Quick Quote – The Proof Is in the Numbers!

When it comes to health plans, OneInsure has found a smart way out for you. Using the health plan + top-up formula, you can get higher health coverage for more affordable rates. Here is a quick quote to help you understand better.

For instance, instead of buying a normal family-floater health plan with coverage of Rs 10 lakhs, which costs close to Rs 25,000 per year, choose the OneInsure way and opt for the following:

  • Buy a family-floater health plan with coverage of Rs 5 lakhs at close to Rs 14,200 per year along with a family-floater top-up plan with a coverage of Rs 10 lakhs with deductible of Rs 5 lakhs at close to Rs 5,800 per year.
  • By doing this, you and your family get higher coverage of Rs 15 lakhs at close to Rs 20,000 (14,200 +5,800) per year instead of paying Rs 25,000 for lower coverage of Rs 10 lakhs.
  • You save close to Rs 5,000 every year!

Hurry up and get your health insured at a lesser cost! Buy health insurance top-up plans NOW.

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