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Health Insurance

Considering a health plan to get ahead of a possible Third Wave of the pandemic?

As our readers already know, health insurance plans have emerged as one of the fundamental pillars of the urban Indian’s financial portfolio in the 21st century. Most of our readers may also be aware of the major benefits of a health plan. Let’s revise them quickly:

  • Health plans cover hospitalization costs in case of planned treatments, surgeries, and even emergencies in return for relatively affordable premiums. If you visit a network hospital, the treatment can even be cashless.

  • A health plan protects you and your family from the financial burden of expensive treatments.

  • Family-floater plans allow you to cover the entire family under a single health plan for marginally higher premiums.

  • High-quality treatments with no compromises.

  • Tax benefits under Section 80(D).

  • Having a health plan ensures you are not fooled at hospitals with extra charges and unnecessary procedures.

When it comes to health plans, the points mentioned above are relatively well known. What aren’t that widely known are the factors that affect health insurance premiums. This article will delve into those briefly:


Age is one of the most important factors that influence premiums. When you buy health insurance, the premium is lower if you are younger. Young individuals have fewer identified or non-identified diseases, and health insurance companies see them as a lower risk of illnesses/procedures and hospitalization. It is advisable to buy health insurance at an early age. However, we would recommend every individual to buy a health insurance to overcome the huge cost of hospitalization which may incur in the event they are diagnosed with an illness/diseases/injury.

Medical History

Yes, your family’s medical history affects your health insurance premiums. Individuals whose families have certain medical history are themselves predisposed to have similar health issues. For example, applicants with a history of cancer, diabetes, and so on in the family may have to shell out additional premium as compared to other applicants who have nil medical conditions in the family.

City of Residence

If you live in a city where the cost of living is high and life is hectic, your health insurance premiums are going to be higher.

Smokers / Tobacco Chewers Beware!

Most health insurance companies charge a higher premium or decline your application altogether if you have the habit of smoking or chewing tobacco. Such applicants tend to be prone to life-threatening diseases like cancer, heart ailments, and a host of others.

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