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How to Guarantee You Won’t Be Fooled at a Hospital

The “don’t-worry-about-expenses-just-make-me-healthy-again” attitude that people typically have when visiting hospitals results into them getting into unnecessary procedures. As the reader may already be aware, several large hospitals are accused and found guilty of carrying out unnecessary procedures and surgeries. With fearful patients and their families leaving no stone unturned to produce the money required to carry out these unnecessary surgeries, such incidents are only going to increase.

Luckily, a simple solution exists that not only ensures you are never fooled at hospitals or prescribed unnecessary procedures, but which also gives you many other advantages. The solution we are talking about is a health insurance plan.

Although common belief is that if a patient has insurance then the hospital charges more, this is not at all true. In fact, the opposite is true. Let’s see how a health plan solves the problems mentioned earlier:

  • If you are insured with a health plan and you visit a network hospital for treatment, the hospital is aware that the treatments and medicines they are prescribing are going to be scrutinized well by the insurance company before releasing payment. Thus, hospitals would not risk overcharging the patient or risk eventual legal action by the insurance company, of which there have been many.
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  • While non-insured patients may be charged for medical procedures at the hospital’s discretion, those who are insured cannot be charged arbitrarily. This is because the maximum rates for every medical procedure that is covered by the health plan have been fixed between the insurance company and the hospital. And because the insurance company is going to pay for your bills, you can rest assured it is the lowest possible rate for that procedure at that hospital.

Besides ensuring you are not fooled by hospitals, health plans also give you the following advantages:

  • Cashless medical treatments
  • High-quality medical treatments with no delays
  • Regular medical attention
  • Better lifestyle
  • Tax benefits

Naturally, an important document like your health insurance needs to be easily and quickly accessible to your near and dear ones in case of an emergency. This is something the OneInsure app, which is available on Play Store and App Store, does for you in-app with the Nominee Support feature. Check this short tutorial video to know more.


The bottom line here is that a health insurance plan does more than we think. It not only ensures that you get timely and effective medical attention but guarantees that you won’t be fooled into unnecessary procedures or charged more at hospitals. So, if you own a health insurance plan, rest assured that you won’t be fooled at a hospital. But if you don’t, then it’s time you get one for yourself and your family. Click here to explore health plans with OneInsure.

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