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Is your family aware of your Insurance Cover and Investments?

Life is never easy for a working mother like Swati, who has to juggle work and family life. With a full-time job, household chores and responsibility of raising kids, she hardly found time to relax or discuss any financial matters with her husband, Anup.

As fate would have it, Anup, a real estate consultant, suffered a stroke and passed away leaving behind his wife and two children. With the help of some relatives, Swati managed to pay off some of his debts. People knew that Anup had insurance cover but nobody was able to find any related documents. The next two months were very stressful as Swati was unable to manage family’s expenses.

This is when Pradeep, Anup’s financial consultant, got in touch with the family and was able to source information regarding his insurance policies. Surprisingly Anup had around 13 insurance policies. The claim process was initiated and Anup’s family received a lump sum amount that helped them to clear all the debts and take care of all their future needs.

People often panic and feel stressed when they are unable to find or access important documents when they need it the most. At OneInsure, we offer a feature called My Policy Corner, wherein you can save details regarding all your policy and access it on the go. 

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