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As you lay back on your airline seat, you mentally go through all the activities your cousins in Australia have planned for you and your family for the 2-week vacation. This trip for your family of four is going to cost close to Rs 10 lakhs, with the back and forth tickets during peak vacation season costing Rs 6 lakhs by themselves. This is a significant percentage of your life savings.

In a few hours, you reach Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport. Your flight to Brisbane will leave from Bangkok in 16 hours, so you have booked a room at a nearby hotel. You leave the airport in a local cab.

Within 10 minutes of leaving the airport, at an intersection in downtown Bangkok, your cab is rammed into from the rear by a goods carrier whose driver was drunk. Luckily, there is no major injury to your two sons or you, but your wife has to be hospitalized due to ligament tears in her neck.

You rush to the hospital, where she is admitted. The spine doctor is not going to be available until the next day, so you are going to miss your connecting flight. Moreover, the hospitalization expenses in this strange country are going to be a huge strain on your travel budget. You are not sure how you are going to extend the flight tickets, and you are not sure when your wife will be able to travel again. In short, one incident is threatening to derail your entire vacation…

Scenario A:

  • A week before you left for your vacation, you did your research and bought a travel plan for your family’s trip
  • This plan acts as an international travel health insurance and reimburses hospitalization expenses for your wife in Bangkok
  • Since travel plans also compensate for trip cancellations and flight delays, you are financially protected in case you have to postpone your Bangkok–Brisbane flight due to unforeseen circumstances
  • For protection worth USD 1,00,000, this plan costs just Rs 5,000
  • Rs 5,000 is a tiny 0.5% of your overall travel budget
  • This pocket-friendly travel plan ends up saving you lakhs of Rupees

Scenario B:

  • Friends had suggested you buy a travel plan, but you had argued that it was too costly
  • Without travel medical insurance, you end up shelling out hundreds of US Dollars from your emergency travel cash for your wife’s hospitalization expenses
  • You are forced to postpone your Bangkok–Brisbane flight and end up paying another Rs 1 lakh to the airline
  • The travel budget has gone from Rs 10 lakhs to Rs 13 lakhs due to a simple incident where you were not at fault
  • But you realize that you are not completely faultless – YOUR FAULT IS THAT YOU DID NOT BUY A TRAVEL PLAN

Travel on your mind? Plan your vacations like a PRO with super-affordable travel plans.

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