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Schools/Colleges Won’t Reduce Fees Even with 100% Online Education – ACT NOW

As a fee-paying parent of school- or college-going children, it is tough to understand why education institutions refuse to reduce academic fees in these pandemic times, which have forced classes and lectures to be conducted mostly online.

Justifying their stand, education institutions rightly point out that even though the classes may have shifted online, the costs and overheads they have to bear have not reduced. Almost all institutions have had to invest heavily in IT infrastructure to adapt to the pandemic times. Also, they are resistant to let go of their staff since there is hope that the pandemic will soon be gone and things might go back to the offline model.

Added to that, Central and State Governments have limited scope to reduce education costs in the long term.

In short, as a parent, there doesn’t seem to be anywhere to hide. Education, whether offline or online, will be one of the largest investments in your earning life.

So, how can you ACT NOW?

A brief note on Child Plans

With Child Insurance Plans, you can start saving systematically and secure your child's financial future as well as ensure all academic costs are well taken care of. This is one of the best ways to save with regular investments for your child’s future needs. Although it is ideal for you to start child plans immediately after your child is born, it is never too late to start saving in a disciplined manner for your child.

In case of money-back policies, your little one stands to receive survival benefits at regular intervals. For example, when s/he turns 18 years of age (when they pass Junior College and opt for a Professional course), the insurance company would pay around 20% of the sum assured, and another 20% after two years and so on.

As you can see, Child Plans can be customised according to your child’s needs. You can also opt for endowment policies, where a lump sum amount is paid at maturity along with bonuses.

One of the benefits of child insurance plans is its Waiver-of-Premium feature. If the policyholder (parent) were to pass away, all the future premiums will be taken care of by the insurance company and the cover will continue to be active.

To find the most suitable cover to secure the future of your little ones, give us a ring at 86559-86559 or write to us at and we will be happy to help.

So, even though schools and colleges might not want to reduce fees in a 100% online education environment, your children will not have to experience any lack when it comes to academics.



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