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There’s no “Later” once you’re gone! Fix errors that could lead to Claim rejection NOW

There’s no escaping it.

Even though we are in the year 2021 and medical science is supposed to be state-of-the-art, the reality is that over the last 18 months or so, mortality among humans has increased manyfold. While COVID continues to wreak havoc, it has increased mortality not just via the virus but with the stress and anguish that has accompanied it as well. Numbers from around the globe show the incidents of cardiovascular events (like heart attacks) and other stress-related events are on a sudden spike since early 2020.


So, if you own a life insurance policy, be sure you have not made one of the following errors, which could result in the claim being rejected by the insurance company after you have passed away.

Concealing important information

Concealing important information from your insurer while signing up for an insurance policy is a big no-no! You might be tempted to lie about your smoking or drinking habits or conceal the fact that you love adventure sports in order to pay lesser premiums. However, the devastating effects of this error may have to be borne by your family as the insurance company rejects the claim and all your financial planning becomes useless because of a small lie so many years ago.

You forgot to update the details of your nominee

Let's say your nominee is no more and you forgot to update the details of your new nominee with the insurance company. In such a scenario, the insurance proceeds or death benefit will be paid out to your legal heir. Also, remember that your last will and testament will supersede your nomination, so ensure that the former is in sync with the latter and the rightful nominee gets the benefits.

The ultimate objective of getting a life insurance policy is that the insured person’s dependents stand to receive financial assistance through the policy even in the absence of the family’s breadwinner. The policy brings peace of mind to the insured as well as his dependants, who know that they are not only financially secure, but they also won’t have to put an end to their aspirations and goals due to financial constraints no matter what.

For an instrument that is so vital in a person’s financial planning, it is always a good idea to be 100% sure there are no loopholes and the sum assured will be given to your appointed nominee without any hiccups if and when the time comes.

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