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As you reach the golden years of your life, what better way to spend your time than traveling to new places and immersing yourself in different cultures? Often times, people wait until they have retired from their respective jobs to take leisure trips to foreign destinations since they don’t have to commit to a set routine.  A report titled 'Shaping the Future of Travel in the Asia Pacific' by Frost & Sullivan and Amadeus has stated that senior travelers in India will increase to 7.3 million by 2030, according to different news sources. While this figure makes it clear that many senior citizens are going to be traveling abroad, it also shows the importance of having a travel-friendly ecosystem for senior citizens in place.

Senior citizens are more susceptible to health issues. Some may have difficulty keeping up with the physical demands of travel, while others may fall ill because they cannot adapt to the weather conditions or food in a foreign place. Without any kind of financial backup, medical expenses in foreign places can create a big hole in your pocket. Besides the health factor, there are many other things that can go wrong during a trip, like baggage theft, missing passport, etc. Hence, it becomes necessary to take adequate precautions to ensure your holidays aren’t ruined by any kind of unpleasant surprise. A good way to financially secure your trip is by having a travel insurance cover. Few insurance companies have designed travel insurance products specifically targeted at senior citizens.

Benefits of senior citizen travel insurance plans:

Although travel plans for senior citizens carry slightly higher premiums, it is no reason to forgo availing a cover. The risk of traveling uninsured is too high and you could end up shelling out big chunks of money if something unexpected happens.

While the benefits of a travel cover vary from one insurance company to another, here are the common ones you get:

  • Cost of medical evacuation to India will be covered.
  • Emergency funds will be disbursed in case of a theft.
  • Cashless hospitalization facility will be available for medical emergencies.
  • Compensation may be provided for personal liabilities arising during the trip.
  • Coverage is provided against baggage losses and baggage delays.

It is recommended that senior citizens consider comprehensive travel insurance plans to protect them from all kinds of risks and threats that could arise overseas. One can have peace of mind knowing that whatever happens, the insurance company will cover the financial losses should something go wrong. The right policy will help recoup losses against any unforeseen circumstances.



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