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Why Women Must Have Separate Health Cover

If you have a look at the society today, you will definitely find a huge gap between the ratio of men and women who have availed health insurance plans. Women lag far behind when it comes to taking a health cover for themselves. Now, it really does not matter if you’re heading an organization or a homemaker, or if you’re single or married, health insurance is the need of the hour and every woman out there must have it.

Why Aren’t Many Women Opting for Separate Health Cover

A common reason why women decide not to get an individual health policy for themselves is that their husbands have availed a health plan that covers the whole family. While a family floater plan is a good option, it may not always be sufficient. Women need to understand their personal requirements and decide whether they want to take a separate policy as well. It should also be noted that a number of insurers have designed critical illness plans targeted at women, so it would be wise to consider them. There are insurance plans that cover ailments like breast cancer, fallopian tube cancer, vaginal cancer, etc. It wouldn’t hurt to have a look at such plans, and you would only be financially securing yourself should something unfortunate happens.

Another reason why many women are hesitant to buy an individual cover for themselves is that they are insured under the group health plan taken by their employers for them. In case of a group cover, if you make a claim that exceeds the cover amount, you would need to shell out the remaining amount from of your own pocket. When you have an additional health cover, you wouldn’t have to worry about the balance since your expenses will get covered by both the policies. Also, if you were to suddenly lose your job, an independent health cover will ensure expenses related to any sudden medical emergencies get covered.

Women Have Special Needs

Women need health insurance policies that are designed specifically for them because they are prone to certain medical conditions that are simply not relevant to men; for example, cover for maternity expenses. Regular health insurance policies or critical illness policies might not include women-related conditions in their covered-illnesses list, but women-specific plans are customized and designed to cater to a woman's needs.

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Combat Rising Medical Inflation with Health Insurance

The cost of medical treatments is rising rather quickly, and that is another big reason why women must think about getting a separate health plan. If you actually see, you will find that the cost of medical treatments for commonly occurring ailments in women like uterine fibroids, osteoporosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and others are rising. These diseases are known to affect women of every age; however, their severity increases as one gets older. Hence, it is important for women to financially safeguard their health.

Ladies, Don’t Let Anything Hold You Back from Putting Your Health First

When you buy a health plan, you aren’t just protecting yourself, you are investing in yourself as well. To combat medical inflation, women really must consider getting a health cover early in life. This way, one can save on the waiting period and benefit from lower premium rates. Also, you can avail tax exemptions up to Rs 25,000 under Section 80(D) of the Income Tax Act for a health plan.

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