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Critical Illness

If we go by statistics that we have at the moment, over 67,000 women die of cervical cancer in India every year, making it the second highest cause of cancer deaths amongst Indian women after breast cancer.

By 2020, breast cancer deaths are estimated to reach 76,000 a year in the country. Doctors claim a lack of awareness about the disease is the major reason, which needs to be corrected to ensure that timely measures are taken to prevent breast cancer deaths.

Negligence towards women’s health is prevalent since time immemorial. This is mainly because they performed the domestic role and it was their significant other on whom the family depended financially. But clearly, this is not the case anymore, and we don’t even need to explain why!

Loss of life, irrespective of the gender, affects the family in different aspects. However, women do not receive adequate medical attention and hence the number of deaths owing to cancer and other woman-specific life-threatening diseases is alarmingly high.

In such a scenario, awareness programs educating women on breast cancer, cervical cancer, and similar diseases are not adequate. What women also require apart from that is a financial backup that could stand in when they are diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

And by backup, we mean a critical illness insurance policy.

A critical illness policy provides financial support when one is diagnosed with a life-threatening or lifestyle-disabling illness. Some of the major illnesses that are covered under a critical illness plan include:

  • Cancer
  • Major organ transplant
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Third-degree burns
  • Heart attack
  • Aorta graft surgery
  • Total blindness

To return to our previous discussion, there’s a considerable gap if we look at the ratio between men and women who are protected against life-threatening diseases in India. Women obviously lag behind. Let this not be the scenario with you and the important women in your life. If you wish to consult experts before taking a final decision, we will be glad to help you arrange a meeting with our experts at OneInsure.

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