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Achieving Your New Year Health Resolutions Just Got Easier!

Globally, billions take up New Year resolutions. Most of these resolutions are health related, like losing 10 kg, going to the gym daily from now on, or having a healthy and low-calorie dinner every day. Yet, only 5% people who take up health-related resolutions for the New Year ever achieve their goals. Do you want to be in this elite 5% group?

A new initiative by Health Insurers may just make your dreams easier to achieve.

In urban India, lifestyle disorders like stress-related heart disease, hypertension, high BP, and other comorbidities did not exist 30 years ago. In a short span of time, they have exploded on the scene and today lifestyle disorders have become the greatest cause of deaths in India, easily beating cancer and AIDS.

The only way to deal with such instances is to have enough money to pay for treatments, but the better option being newly suggested by insurers - stay fit and be rewarded for it with a cheaper-than-normal health policy.  

The Urban Indian’s New-age Health Insurance Policy

In an innovative step, insurance companies have begun launching health plans that reduce premiums by a factor of up to 30% when you achieve certain fitness milestones in your daily life. These milestones could be one or a combination of the following:

  • Completing a number of steps daily
  • Burning a set number of calories daily
  • Going to the gym a specific number of times a month

These plans allow you to save on premium expenses as long as you remain committed to your fitness regimen. The activities can be tracked through a number of modes – fitness bands, pedometers, an app on your cell phone, among others.

What’s more, if you are able to incorporate healthy eating habits and certain lifestyle changes suggested by the insurer, this plan gives you additional attractive rewards.

New-age Health Insurance Product Benefits

A discount is offered at each monthly renewal if the insured member achieves the average step count target on the mobile application provided by the insurer. In an individual policy, the average step count would be calculated per adult member and in a floater policy, it would be an average of all adult members covered. Dependent children covered in individual or floater plans will not be considered for calculation of average steps.

Every Benefit of Health Insurance

Apart from plans that have amazing new benefits, having a simple health insurance plan has perks of its own. As a mature householder, you must already be aware of why a health plan is a must-have in every urban salaried Indian’s financial planning:

  • Health plans cover large hospitalization costs in case of planned treatments, accidents, and even emergencies (road accidents, for example) in return for relatively affordable premiums. If you visit a network hospital, the treatment can even be cashless. This protects you and your family from the financial burden of expensive treatments.
  • Family floater plans allow you to cover the entire family under a single health plan for marginally higher premiums.
  • High-quality treatments with no compromises.
  • Tax benefits under Section 80(D).
  • Having a health plan ensures you are not fooled at hospitals with extra charges and unnecessary procedures.

Are you ready to get-set-go? Your New Year 2019 health-centered resolutions just got so much more fun, interesting, and full of rewards! Know about the best benefits of health insurance policies, so you leave no stone unturned in taking care of yourself.

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