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Health insurance exclusions: What your policy won't cover?

Milind, an avid trekker and fitness enthusiast, spent most of his weekends trekking with different groups and had covered almost all the destinations across Western India. Most trekkers are good planners and so was Milind. To take care of his family’s financial and healthcare needs, he had purchased a Life and Health Insurance policy.

Unfortunately, during a recent trek, Milind met with an accident and ended up with a slipped disc. He was hospitalized for a few days and was advised of complete bed rest for a few weeks, followed by physiotherapy sessions. The overall cost of the treatment went up to 1 lac which unfortunately was not covered by his health insurance policy. So where did Milind’s planning go wrong?

His Health Insurance Policy clearly stated that any injury arising out of an adventure or extreme sports is not covered. Unfortunately, at the time of buying the policy Milind was not informed about this by his Agent. This was an important point which was overlooked by Milind and has now left him feeling distasteful about his health insurance cover.

Next time when you plan to buy a Health Insurance Policy please read and understand the "Exclusions" carefully. 

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