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To Do List for Life Insurance Policyholders

Have a Life Insurance Policy? Great!

But your responsibility doesn’t end here. A lot of things change during your lifetime, so it’s important to review the policy periodically and enhance it as per your changing needs. 

  • Marriage
  • Birth of a Child
  • Moving to a New City
  • Health Issues, etc.

These are stages when you should consider upgrading your policy.

At OneInsure, our aim to make things simple and easy to understand, so that you make the right decisions and get the most out of your coverage.

Just by buying a Life Insurance Policy does not suffice your needs. It is important to read the fine lines carefully and understand the coverages offered. We would like to share a true story of our client Anurag to give you a better understanding.

Anurag had purchased a Life Insurance Policy through us. After 11 months of taking the policy, he suffered a Paralytic stroke which left him disabled and he was no longer able to work. However, he continued paying his monthly Insurance premiums. It was only after we contacted him for a policy review, he realized that his Policy covered "Disability". Which meant that his monthly premiums would now be waived and he could even receive a monthly check from the insurance company. We were happy that we could be of some help to Anurag, during his difficult times.

What if, there was no one to explain Anurag about the Disability Feature which was there in his policy. He would not have got any benefits.

To avoid such oversights and get the most out of your policy, take a look at our To Do List which every policyholder should follow:

To Do List:

1)    Review your Policy periodically and increase or reduce your coverage as your needs change.

2)    Update all changes without any delay. Be it a Change in Address, Change in Nominee, Name Alteration, etc.

3)    Share your policy details with your loved ones so that they don’t struggle in the event of a claim. You can update your Emergency Contact Person under MY POLICY CORNER.

4)    Store your Policy Documents online for quick and easy access.

For Easier Access we have already uploaded your Policy details under MY POLICY CORNER. You can add your other policies, including the ones not purchased through us.

By paying attention to these small details you will benefit in the long run. If you have any questions, contact us at +91 86559 86559 or send an email to