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About three months before, an existing client of OneInsure, Anubhav Singh, bought a senior citizen’s Travel Insurance Plan for his parents who were to travel to the US.

When his parents got back from their trip, Mr. Sudhir from our health & travel team got in touch with Mr. Singh enquiring about his parents’ travel experience. Mr. Singh informed him that all went fine over the trip except for the fact that his father suffered from an extreme tooth pain and consequently had to get it extracted. With concern & care Mr. Sudhir asked him the reason for not intimating OneInsure about this unforeseen incident, as he also had a Travel Insurance Plan for his parents. To this Mr. Singh replied that he wasn’t aware if dental procedure was covered under the plan and that the insurance company would reimburse for it. Mr. Sudhir then informed Mr. Singh that dental procedure was indeed covered under his particular plan, and also assured that he would work on this case and see to it that Mr. Singh gets the reimbursement.

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To start with, he asked Mr. Singh to send in all the bills pertaining to the dental procedure that his father underwent in the US. He then guided Mr. Singh step by step for subsequent procedure to get the claim amount from the Insurance Company. The entire procedure took time - almost 3 months post the treatment. Fortunately, the Insurer replied in positive and announced that Mr. Singh was eligible to get the reimbursement since he did not know about the clause.

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Hence, Mr. Singh was reimbursed $ 800 i.e. ₹40,000 against the premium of ₹7,000. He was extremely happy and acknowledged Mr. Sudhir’s prompt and efficient handling of his case.

Had our expert Mr. Sudhir not made the intuitive call to the client, the client would have remained deprived of the benefit of a considerably high amount.

The point that we are trying to make here is whenever you need claims assistance, do not hesitate to get in touch with OneInsure. Our claims assistance team works round-the-clock to serve their clients. Get in touch with us by dialing 86559 86559 or write to us at and let us handle your insurance-related problems. 

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