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Filing a Motor Claim? Here’s What Your Insurer Did Not Tell You

Being in a motor accident is a harrowing experience in itself. But filing a motor claim can be just as messy if you don’t know the basics of the process. Today, the OneInsure Research Desk brings you the three most basic things you absolutely need to keep in mind for a smooth claim filing process.

  1. In case of an accident where there is no injury, police FIR is not required, so do not waste your time on this.
  2. Details like engine number, chassis number, and registration number should exactly match the details in the RC book of your vehicle, or else you will not get cashless service at a network garage.
  3. In order to assess the damages sustained by your vehicle and decide the pay-out, the insurance company is required to appoint a Surveyor, who will visit the garage where you have kept your vehicle. Only after the survey will the repairs begin. If this appointment is delayed by the insurer, do not sit idle. Remember to always follow-up with the insurer. Optionally, you can call OneInsure and we will follow up for you. Insurers sometimes delay the appointment of a Surveyor for days.
    This leads to insecurity (your vehicle is at the garage and you are at work), a wastage of money spent on cabs, and other inconveniences. So be proactive.


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