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Heavy Rains in Your City? Here’s How to Stay Safe

With lessons learned over several decades, the OneInsure Research Team has come up with a short list of to-dos during torrential rains:

  • Stock up on grains and groceries like rice, wheat, dals, vegetables, and pulses. General stores will shut down if rains are constant and torrential.
  • Electricity cannot be predicted. Keep phones fully charged. If electricity does cut off, remember to put your phone’s data off to conserve battery life for emergencies.
  • Buy candles, don’t forget to buy match-sticks, and check whether your LPG cylinder is at least semi-full.
  • Panic is common during monsoons. Be a part of the solution rather than the problem by only referring to official Government-handled sources. Examples of these are @Central_Railway, @IndiaMetDept, and other region-based official handles (for example, @MumbaiPolice).
  • If your workplace has work-from-home facility, use it.
  • Reach out and help. Animals and fellow humans are most likely to need your help in such times. Provide shelter and food to the needy if you can. You’ll be stocking up on some good Karma!

Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy the rains with a steaming cuppa tea and a good book!

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