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How Modern India Can Care for Her Doctors

National Doctors Day is around the corner, to be celebrated on July 1. Wishing to acknowledge doctors’ efforts in India’s journey towards becoming a superpower, we have listed, as healthcare recipients, the least that we can do for our doctors as responsible citizens.

A red carnation flower is the symbol for this day, as it represents adoration, charity, sacrifice, bravery, and audacity. From our doctors’ achievements, we know the symbol stands true to its representation. Today, we keep hearing about violent acts being carried out against doctors in our country.

The strike carried out by doctors in West Bengal, recognized by the Indian Medical Association (IMA), was essential for some crucial amendments to be made to rules for their own protection. It might just be time for a huge nescient population to come to terms with the fact that doctors are human too and are already providing unquestionable services to our community.

On probing more into doctors’ issues, we have statistics that spell out a tough life for them. A rising concern about “physician wellness” is currently an internationally ardent topic. Physician burnout and depression are being linked to medical errors and less effective care for patients, along with a rise in suicides of doctors.

The least we can do for doctors as both considerate human beings and good patients is ease their lives in the following ways:

Visit a Limited Number of Doctors Unless Referred

Ailments are best treated by doctors who know your medical history. Take your time, figure out your necessities and needs and go ahead and build a relationship with the doctor/s you’re most comfortable with. Familiarity will be a key factor when it comes to getting instant, relevant  assistance.

Keep Your Policy Updated

If your body needs healthcare, its only money that can bail you out. We all know the issue of escalating healthcare costs in our country. Having an updated health policy can help you preserve savings, even in cases of major illnesses.

Visit Your Doctor Frequently

Building a strong relationship with your doctor is important. Make sure your doctor knows the reasons for bad as well as good health. This goes for general as well as mental health. Running to a doctor only when you begin to suffer is unhealthy for both you and your doctor. Moreover, tell your doctor about your health insurance pre-existing conditions.

Follow Advice to the T

A doctor’s advice is carefully planned to get you to health fastest, or slowly but strongest. Ignoring advice after you feel a little better is worst practice, as techniques prescribed are needed to fight illnesses as well as rejuvenate lost health.

Know Your Health Policy in Detail

Knowing your health policy conditions and extent of coverage keeps you ready for any illness that affects you or your family. Doctors will be helpless if you cannot pay for medical services, and it cannot be held against them. An easy solution is to be prepared for the costs, for which it could be useful to have a health insurance policy that clears bills with no need for cash payments or any payment in any case (completely cashless).

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