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No one likes to return to a home that has been robbed, broken into, or otherwise damaged. But unfortunate things do happen, and you may not always have control over them. While such events can be stressful to both the mind and the bank balance, we do have a solution that could step in to provide you financial support if at all such a calamity does strike your home while you’re away. We are, of course, talking about Home Insurance.

With home insurance by your side, you can be rest assured that your home (that is, the structure) and the contents of your home are financially protected. The following are circumstances that are covered under a good home insurance plan.

Natural Calamities

Homes affected by natural calamities such as floods, earthquake, cyclone, and so on can leave a family financially and emotionally shattered. A home insurance in this scenario offers financial armour, thereby helping the insured not only recover from the loss but also rebuild the home.

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Man-made Hazards

Other hazards like robbery and accidents that result in damage to the insured property are also covered under home insurance. The insurer will provide reimbursement for the expenses and losses incurred thereof.

Damage to Assets

Expenses incurred due to damage caused to the assets (contents of the insured home) like furniture, appliances, clothes, jewellery, and so on will be reimbursed by the insurance company if one has a valid home insurance in place.

Third-party Liability

Let’s say your neighbour’s home has been accidently damaged during the repair work or extension of your home. The losses or expenses arising thereof will also be covered under your home insurance plan.

Other Expenses

Suppose your home has been damaged to an extent that it is not in a liveable condition. Resultantly, you had to stay at a hotel until repairs are done and the home is restored to a liveable condition. The cost of such temporary stay will be covered under a comprehensive home insurance plan.

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Parting Advice – Home Insurance is important because a single natural calamity or unfortunate event like a robbery can create a great deal of financial crisis, affecting your day-to-day life. And it is wise to be prepared in advance than to cry over spilt milk. A home insurance policy is hence a precautionary step that ensures your financial safety in unforeseen and undesired circumstances.

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