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Maharashtra Government Scheme: Free Medical Insurance for legislators and their families

What’s the news?

In a recent update, the government of Maharashtra has resolved to offer free medical insurance of up to ₹10 lakhs to both sitting and former legislators including their families. Consequently, six members of the family will be collectively qualified for an insurance cover of ₹10 lakhs. There would be no compulsion for any family member to go under medical tests. The decision was announced by Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis.

In order to execute this scheme, the government will have to earmark a total of ₹9.96 crore each year. In case of the exhaustion of the cover, a contingency provision of ₹10 crore will be provided collectively for all legislators. The new scheme is set to cover 335 sitting and 837 former legislators which sum up to 1,172 legislators.

What was the need to introduce the new scheme?

Earlier, the medical reimbursement scheme of the government covered the legislators. However, as revealed by one of the officials, it was detected that the legislators used duplicate bills in order to initiate claims. The new scheme therefore is expected to restrain such usage. In fact, the legislators will now be entitled to cashless facility in 4700 network hospitals. This scheme will help cut out-of-pocket expenses on medical treatments.

Prior to this scheme, an annual cover of up to ₹15 lakhs was suggested for each legislator. However, the proposal would have augmented an estimated burden of ₹4 crore for the state, hence the proposal was rejected.

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(Source and Credits: Hindustan Times)

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