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Stop Listening to Theories – Believe in Proven Money Strategies Only

WHAT THEY PROMISED: Mutual funds will give you up to 30% returns in 18 months!

REALITY: Mutual funds have gone from bad to worse over the last 18 months… Many MFs have been performing in the red.

Investors have lost their hard-earned money in mutual funds and the stock market. This is what happens when you bet your money on theories. Just because certain mutual funds have done well in the past, it does not mean any MF that you invest in will do well too.

Mutual fund houses will tell you to give it time, but this is also a theory. There is absolutely no guarantee of how the market will be performing when you intend to withdraw the funds from your MF.

Investors need to understand that theories belong in the laboratory, not in the real world. In the real world, what matters is guaranteed returns. Fixed returns are the only type of investments you can rely on 100%.

And as you probably already know, it is only when you can rely on returns fully that you can actually plan finances accurately and peacefully, without being anxious if your larger life goals will be met or not.

Comparison of Features

Here is a simple comparison of features between mutual funds and guaranteed plans:

  • MFs don’t guarantee returns
    Guaranteed plans give the promised returns without fail

  • MFs attract high fund-management charges
    Guaranteed plans have low fund-management charges

  • MFs have a high tax burden with 10% LTCG Tax
    Guaranteed plans actually reduce tax burden

  • MFs have no life cover
    Guaranteed plans come with in-built life cover

With the ability to plan future finances worry-free, these returns can be used for any of life’s important milestones, like for your child’s education, for your retirement, for a foreign vacation, and many others.

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