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With Expert Assistance, No Claim Is Too Daunting

Although one does not ever want to face the situation where they have to file a claim—be it for their motor policy, health policy, or any other type of insurance policy—you would have to agree that the whole point of purchasing an insurance policy is to be able to recover the financial losses one encounters if something goes wrong. An insurance policy is your financial safety net and being able to file a claim and have it approved should not be a challenge.

However, the ground reality is quite disturbing. Did you know that, as of 2018, the health insurance claim ratio is close to 8% in India? The motor insurance claim ratio hovers around 30%. These stats point at certain challenges the Indian policyholder faces when it comes to claims:

  • Policyholders’ understanding of the claims process is limited
  • Many do not know the exact scope of the policy they hold
  • Policyholders’ understanding of the rigorous documentation needed in case of a claim is limited
  • They don’t know whom to ask for assistance

At OneInsure, we realize that handling complicated insurance claim procedures successfully can be a near-impossible task for a layperson. We also fully appreciate the fact that when a customer opts for an insurance policy, they are in fact investing in their own and their loved ones’ peace of mind and financial protection in case of adverse circumstances. And the one way to ensure these goals are met is by successfully getting a claim. This is why:

OneInsure offers claim assistance to any policyholder at zero cost
(the policyholder need not be a customer of OneInsure)

Because of our 500+ insurance experts, we are able to guarantee that the claim process is quick, painless, and comprehensive. Here are the stages in which our Claim Assistance Team helps policyholders:

  • Claim intimation
  • Document submission
  • Follow-up with the insurer
  • Final decision on the claim and further actions

OneInsure offers claim assistance for the following segments:

  • Health insurance
  • Motor insurance
  • Life insurance – death benefit as well as maturity benefit claims
  • Critical Illness
  • Personal Accident

Whether you need a specialist to help you with the paperwork or guide you through the long claim procedure or provide you the exact and regular updates about the status of your claim, OneInsure focuses on providing end-to-end solutions for your claim needs.

We understand that claims are technical and complex, but with OneInsure, you can be rest assured because we know what it takes to get a claim settled.

If you have more queries or need instant claim assistance, get in touch with us immediately on 86559-86559. Alternatively, you can also drop us an email at and we will get in touch with you at the earliest.

(Source and credits: ET and ToI)


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