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7 Financial Moves to Beat the Best and Build a Great Portfolio

It is rightly said that Chess is a miniature version of life, because in both life and Chess we have to fight our own battles to win the game. In the battle of life, money plays a very important role, and to conquer various money-related challenges, proper financial planning is crucial.

The game of Chess has a lot to do with financial planning. In this piece, let us learn various elements of financial planning that have links to Chess.

Investments, Like Chess, Is a Board Game

Just as in Chess, every move you make with your investments counts. Hence, it is important to make the right move and to do so steadily and consistently every time. To make good financial moves, before you invest you should have answers to the following questions:

  • When will my investments multiply? The Compounding Rule of 72
    The Rule of 72 tells you how much time your invested money will double in, given a steady rate of interest. For instance, simply divide 72 with your annualized returns to arrive at the number of years it will take for your investments to double. For example, if the interest rate is 8%, then it will take approximately 9 years (72 divided by 8) for your corpus to double.
  • What will be the worth of your invested money in the future? The Rule of 70
    Inflation is an important thing to keep in mind when planning for the future. This rule can be a useful tool to predict your future buying power. Simply divide 70 by the current inflation rate to find the approximate time your money will take to reduce to half its present value. For example, inflation of 7% will reduce the spending value of your money to half in 10 years (70 divided by 7).
  • How much money should you have when you retire? The 80% Income Replacement Rule
    Financial experts at OneInsure believe that your age and income matrix reveals how much bank balance you should have when you retire. To know the logic, tap here.

Moves that a Knight Makes, the Queen Cannot | The Way a Pawn Can Kill, a Knight Cannot

In Chess, there are different types of pieces that every side starts with. Each piece has its own unique way to move and function. In the same way, there so many insurance instruments but each instrument provides protection to you in its own unique way.

For instance, health insurance and term insurance are both insurance instruments but both of them offer cover for different situations and needs and play a very important role in your financial planning.

With Patience and Dedication, the Low-value Pawn Can Convert Itself into the Mighty Queen

If a Pawn is able to navigate and stay clear of all the dangers, it can turn itself into the most powerful piece on the board – the mighty Queen. In the same way, careful navigation (research) of investments and investments done keeping in mind your needs can turn a small monthly saving into great wealth over a period of time.

For instance, child plans and retirement plans can give wonderful returns at a time of need when carefully invested in, keeping in mind inflation, needs, and future goals.

"Sacrifice Is the Ultimate Wisdom for Victory"

When the time comes to save the Queen, smaller pieces can and should be sacrificed. In the same way, paying insurance premiums is a financial sacrifice that will protect yours and your loved ones’ future from unforeseen situations both in your presence and absence.

How to Plan Your Finances Even with Monthly/Yearly Premiums? Use the 50-20-30 Rule of Budgeting

According to the 50-20-30 Rule, 50% of your income should go towards living expenses (household expenses, including groceries, milk, maid's salary); 20% towards savings for your short, medium, and long-term goals; and 30% towards spending, including outings, food, and travel. The idea is to create outflow buckets for better control.

Protect the King or the Game Is Over

The game of Chess is on only till the King is safe. Hence, at all times, most resources should be directed towards protecting one’s King. Just like the King is the most important piece in Chess, you are the most important asset in your life. Insurance helps you protect YOU by covering you from situations you will face at different stages of life that would otherwise wipe off your finances.

Backup Is Necessary because the Game Can Change Any Time

There can be times when things do not work the way you want them to. At such times, having your financial backup in the form of emergency funds will help you deal efficiently with situations.

"Strategy without Patience Can Be Caustic; Patience without Strategy Can Be Anaemic"

Patience and strategy are the two important elements of good financial planning. Therefore, it is important to make a proper strategy by investing according to your age, income, dependencies, along with periodically re-balancing, reviewing, changing, and refreshing of your portfolio with changing financial goals and situations while patiently waiting for your returns.


“In life, as in Chess, forethought wins.”

– Charles Buxton

For assistance with your financial planning, you can connect with our financial gurus who will build strategies so you can beat the best and build a great financial portfolio. Reach us at 86559-86559 or

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