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Build Wealth Steadily and Stay Untouched by Market Fluctuations

"Indian stocks hit record highs; rupee, bonds gain as Modi on track for a big win."

"India stocks hit record highs, further gains expected"

With the Lok Sabha election (2019) results on May 23, the Indian stocks performed bullishly. People were happy to gain huge profits in their equity or stock-market-based investments. On the contrary, things have been pretty different for the 18 months prior to May 23, when stocks were practically asleep.

This is the problem in being invested in equities or stock market, the returns are based on risks and upcoming events in the country. Due to which, YOU, who belong to the middle-class strata, face a lot of difficulties along with lack of financial security and an inability to plan due to market fluctuations.

Some people may say making predictions of the stock market is an art, not science. However, regardless of whether prophets take an analytical approach or use intuition, markets are very difficult to predict, else there will be many more millionaires in the world.

What Are the Major Problems of Being Invested in Equities?

Here are the major problems in being invested in equities or the stock market:

  • The unpredictable and fluctuating nature of the market
  • No guaranteed returns; therefore, there is a lack of financial security and planning for future goals is not easy
  • No fixed monthly pay-outs or options to replace your income
  • Your life is not being covered while you are invested
  • No tax triple tax exemption; in fact, you end up paying high fund-management charges and LTCG tax

There Is a Solution – Guaranteed Returns Plan

Yes, the solution is a guaranteed returns plan. Here are some practical, real-life reasons and facts that prove that plans which provide guaranteed returns are the best:

  • Irrespective of any major change in local, state, central government; demonetization; or any other event occurring in the country, you are rest assured to get guaranteed returns
  • Once the insurer signs the policy documents, the returns are guaranteed, because these investments are further invested in the most secure instruments in the country – government bonds and securities
  • Retail-inflation-beating returns
  • Unlike mutual funds, insurance is not market-linked but guaranteed
  • Good plans give guaranteed, tax-free returns between 5.5 and 6.2% per annum
  • If you calculate for tax-free returns, the number effectively goes up to 9% (presuming your tax bracket is 30%)
  • Imagine getting returns at 9% rate of interest in guaranteed investments along with life cover at minimal cost and triple tax exemption on your savings!

What Does Triple Tax Exemption Mean?

As mentioned earlier, guaranteed returns plans come with triple tax exemption. Here’s what that means:

  • Premium-Payment Phase Exemption – Premiums paid are tax deductible [Rs 1.5 lakhs per annum as per Section 80(C)]
  • Accumulation Phase Exemption – No taxation during the accumulation phase
  • Withdrawal Phase Exemption – Pay-outs are tax-free under Section 10(10D)

What Are the Different Guaranteed Returns Plan Options?

Here are the different guaranteed returns plan options:

Always remember to choose a guaranteed returns plan(s) considering your age, income, needs, dependencies, and future goals.

To help you decide and select the best guaranteed plans, we have a dedicated team of financial experts just a phone call or email away.

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(Source credits: Reuters, The Economic Times)

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