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What is the use of money if it cannot stand with you through the test of time?

We all need money to fulfil various needs at different stages of life, and only a strong financial portfolio can help you fulfil your financial needs. And to fulfil these needs, people start investing in high-risk funds thinking that they are building a strong financial portfolio; however, they end up earning low returns. To prevent such large errors from happening, it is important to know HOW to invest before knowing WHERE to invest.

Three Important Features of a Good Financial Portfolio

The three most important features that a good financial portfolio has, irrespective of age, gender, and socioeconomic status:

Diversified Investments

The aim of diversification is to reduce risk. This does not mean investing 100% in debt (guaranteed returns). It should be a mixture of both equity (risk-based, non-guaranteed returns) and debt investments. Your age plays a very important role in deciding the percentage of debt and equity investments in your portfolio. To know the logic, click here.

Limited but Smart Investments

Do you regularly add new investments to your portfolio? If you do, you’re probably “di-WORSE-ifying” your financial portfolio, for you are likely to end up with an unmanageable hotchpotch of investments rather than a simple but smartly chosen, manageable, and reliable portfolio that balances your risk and returns.

Balanced Investments

A balanced portfolio is a mix of diversified but limited and smart investments. Once you own a well-balanced portfolio, your investments only require monitoring, re-balancing, or replacing with a new version of the same investment, keeping your age and income in mind.

Based on what you want, it’s really easy if you plan your investments early and stay committed.

Five Things Every Urban Indian Wants Out of Their Financial Portfolio

Here are five things every urban Indian wants out of their portfolio:

  • I want tax-free returns as high as mutual funds | We suggest: ULIPs
    ULIPs and mutual funds operate in the same markets and give the customer similar choices of instruments and risk exposure. Therefore, they are exposed to the exact same risks and make similar gains. The only difference is that returns on ULIPs are tax-free whereas you will have to pay 10% LTCG tax on mutual funds. So, invest in ULIPs early in life, because the more it compounds, the higher the pay-outs.

  • I want monthly pension income | We suggest: Retirement Plan
    Retirement plans come with monthly income options and thus help you plan and save today so you can have a non-dependent, secure tomorrow with no lack of funds. Moreover, the pay-outs of retirement plans are also tax-free.
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  • I want my health financially secured | We suggest: Health Plan
    Having a health plan is like having peace of mind. In today’s hectic lifestyle, having a health plan means you don't have to worry about hospitalization expenses and you will always get the best treatment. In fact, family floater plans give you the opportunity to secure not only your but also your family’s health.

  • I want guaranteed returns to secure my child’s future | We suggest: Child Plan
    Mutual funds’ returns are subject to market risks, which are unpredictable. However, child plan returns are guaranteed. Once insured, the pay-out is not dependent on external factors like markets and investor sentiments. This is why these plans are one of the best child education plans out there today.

  • I want financial security for my loved ones in my absence | We suggest: Term Plan
    Term insurance is the simplest and the most cost-effective form of life insurance that provides financial security to your family in the event of your untimely demise.

The new financial year has started. It is the best time to build a strong portfolio. Get financially stable and strong today. To speak with financial experts, feel free to write to us at or call 86559-86559. We look forward to assisting you.

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