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High Time Your Dad Lived Carefree – Choose the Right Policy

Being a parent is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body

— Elizabeth Stone

(Teacher and Author)

The world speaks very fondly of mothers and the love they have for their children. But what about fathers? The world is not so keen to see the sacrifices that fathers make for their families. Fathers work and toil for 30+ years to put food on the table, all the while making unending sacrifices to give their children a better world than they were given.

Fathers are not so good at displaying love, because they have seen the big bad world out there and don’t want their children to become soft. But the love they have for their children is no less than a mother’s.

As your dad has protected you for so long, maybe it’s time you give him a break. You can reduce a lot of his worries for you with insurance products that eliminate financial worries immediately.

After the wonderful journey you’ve had of ageing into a capable adult, it might just be the right time to pay back a few favours to your dad. Securing yourself and making the best of your life’s savings could be the perfect gift for your father, for whom your stability and happiness are paramount.

Health Insurance

Why is it important for financial well-being? A health insurance policy will cover you for any treatment or illness while you age. Simultaneously, with the growing costs of hospitalization, a health insurance policy can steer you free from getting into debt.

How does it benefit your family? Firstly, the policy can be availed as a family-floater plan that covers your entire family. Your dad will probably just be happy knowing that you’ll not go broke paying off medical bills, especially his as he ages.

Term Insurance

Why is it important for financial well-being? A term insurance policy will cover your loans and also provide a steady income or lump sum money (according to your choice) for your family in case of your untimely death. It is extremely cheap, and can be managed along with other EMIs and payments, at about Rs 15 – 30 (depends on your age and health) a day for a cover of Rs 1 crore.

How does it benefit your family? Your family may or may not be dependent on you for financial assistance, but your own loans and promises will have to be paid and fulfilled, even if you are no more. Term insurance can eliminate an impending burden and keep your family debt free.

Retirement Plans

Why is it important for financial well-being? A retirement plan helps with long-term savings. The best part is you can begin at whichever age you like, and big investments aren’t needed either. If you are just getting into fatherhood, a retirement plan is a must. The interest compounds and builds into an enormous corpus within a span of a decade, and even more within two.

How does it benefit your family? Savings, savings, savings! These savings are entirely yours and will be used solely for maintaining your lifestyle throughout your non-working years. But, you have to start early.

It’s high time your dad stops worrying about your finances and focuses his energy on more fruitful endeavours, like a world tour or engaging in a new hobby. And these things can happen only when he knows that you are financially secure and not dependent on him. You can aid in this, and be a part of his memorable journey going forward.

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