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How to Make Car Insurance Claims Successfully

Imagine you are returning home from work at 10 PM. You are in your car and have stopped at a signal, waiting for it to turn green. Suddenly, there is a screeching of tyres, followed by a loud smashing sound. Your body is thrown forward but the seat-belt you’re wearing avoids major injury. In a state of shock, you realize that a car has just rammed your car from the rear, breaking your rear glass, causing major dents in your car’s body, and seriously damaging the bumper.

Luckily, being a mature car owner, you own a comprehensive car insurance policy. Otherwise, this would be an expenditure of Rs 30,000 at least.

Let’s better understand what you need to do right then and there:

  • In case of an accident where there is no injury, police FIR is not required, so do not waste your time on this.
  • Details like engine number, chassis number, and registration number should exactly match the details in the RC book of your vehicle, or else you will not get cashless service at a network garage.So, it is important to fill out information properly when buying/renewing a car insurance policy.
  • In order to assess the damages sustained by your vehicle and decide the pay-out, the insurance company is required to appoint a Surveyor, who will visit the garage where you have kept your vehicle. Only after the survey will the repairs begin. If this appointment is delayed by the insurer, do not sit idle. Remember to always follow-up with the insurer. Optionally, you can call OneInsure (86559-86559) and we will follow up for you. Insurers sometimes delay the appointment of a Surveyor for days. This leads to insecurity (your vehicle is at the garage and you are at work), a wastage of money spent on cabs, and other inconveniences. So be proactive.

Car insurance claims can be paid from comprehensive coverage (your own policy) or third-party liability coverage (the insurance policy of the vehicle that caused an accident with yours). But before your claim can get settled, there’s a whole process you’ll need to go through. Here are our top four tips on how you can ensure your claim-settlement process goes smoothly:

  • Let your insurer know right away If your car is involved in an accident, it is advisable to report it to your motor insurer within 48 hours from the time of the accident. While reporting it within that time frame is not mandatory, doing so will help ensure you don't miss out on the minute details of the accident. Sometimes, even the tiniest of details can have a big impact on your claim.
  • Analyze the offer After submitting the claim, the motor insurer will present you with the first settlement. If you think what’s offered is not sufficient to cover your losses, you can always negotiate and ask for a reasonable figure. Make sure to attach all the necessary proofs to substantiate your request.
  • Legal advice If the negotiation fails and your insurer refuses to provide the desired amount, you can appoint an insurance lawyer. The lawyer will analyze the situation and help you get the settlement according to the terms and conditions of the policy.
  • Get written agreement Once you and the insurance company have decided on the settlement amount, ask the insurance company to provide a written agreement from their end. It should state that the policy will cover the claims you have found reasonable. Also get a confirmation in writing about when (the actual date) the claim amount will be paid.

Before filing a car insurance claim, make sure to follow these simple steps so that you don’t face any hassles at the time of claim settlement. To find the most suitable car insurance policy, reach out to us at 86559 86559 or write to us at



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