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OneInsure App: ‘Emergency Contact’ Will Now Be Called ‘Nominee Support’

OneInsure App is people’s single point of contact when it comes to availing insurance related services regardless of where you’ve bought your policy from. With its distinctive features, the app has managed to provide policyholders an insurance experience which is beyond Compare & Buy.

Features like ‘add a policy’, ‘renewal reminders’, ‘claim support’, ‘claim assistance to nominee’ and other numerous insurance related services offered on the app have time and again helped the policyholders get a quick claim assistance. Since its release, OneInsure has been making constant efforts to enhance the user experience. Oftentimes, suggestions of the app users have given us major insights and helped us make further improvements.  

Recently, to further improve user experience, we have made a small change on the OneInsure app.

The feature ‘Emergency Contact’ has been renamed as ‘Nominee Support’.

By updating the Nominee Support feature, you get the following benefits –

  • With the Nominee Support feature, you can decide who gets access to your policy information such as - The name of the insurance company, Policy Name, Policy Nickname, Policy Number, Due Date of policy renewal and Premium Amount.
  • If a situation arises wherein you cannot make a claim, say you’re hospitalized, your Nominee can reach out to us and we will assist them with the claim procedure.

Read the below table to know when to get in touch with OneInsure and how we will help you out:

When should you reach us? How will we help you?
During any Emergency such as Hospitalization or Motor Insurance claim. We will guide you at every step and provide you the detailed course of action to be followed.
For Claims assistance or help with any other service. Our claims expert will help you with the documentation process and offer prompt solutions to your insurance related concerns.
Follow up on status of Claim. We will follow up with the Insurance Company on your behalf, and keep you updated about it. 

Adding Nominee Support details is very important since it will keep your loved ones in the loop and when the need arises, OneInsure will be able to provide them proper assistance. So make sure you do not forget to fill in this very important detail. Here’s where you can know how to add Nominee Support Details on the OneInsure App. 

Note: To add/update your Nominee Support details, make sure you have updated/installed the latest version of the app. Download it from below.

For Android 

For IOS 

Click here to know how to make the best use of the OneInsure app

In case you have further queries, feel free to reach us by dialing 86559 86559 or write to us at . Visit OneInsure if you’re looking to buy an insurance product.

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