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Top 3 Car Insurance Myths You’ve Got to Stop Believing In

Did you really believe that Newton discovered gravity after an apple fell on his head, or humans only utilize 10% of their brain? If yes, then it’s time you stop believing everything you hear and rather indulge in some research and get your facts checked before you end up making a fool out of yourself at a social gathering.

People love interesting tales and that’s precisely why many myths have managed to slide through generations across all facets of life.

Insurance is no different. Lack of proper knowledge has led to the birth of many myths across various categories of insurance. While we have debunked a few earlier, here we are again to debunk the top 3 car insurance myths that have been doing the rounds.

Myth 1: I don’t need comprehensive car insurance in case of theft because my car is old, and thieves prefer new cars.

Reality: You think you know them pretty well? Let us prove you wrong.

Thieves prefer stealing older cars for the following reasons:

  • Newer cars come with advanced security mechanisms, making them a difficult steal. However, older cars often have low-level security mechanisms, making them an easy steal for thieves.
  • Selling parts of older cars piece by piece is easier, safer, and more lucrative than selling whole new cars, which is why thieves prefer the former.

So, the next time your car insurance’s premium becomes due, pay it immediately before a thief gets his hands on your old car.

Myth 2: If my car got damaged while it was being driven by a friend, then the friend’s insurer will pay for the damages.

Reality: A friend, a family member, or anybody that you allow to operate your car are deemed permissive drivers by the insurer. Naturally, your car getting damaged while being driven by them will come under the purview of your car insurance policy.

Note: Reckless or drunk driving, whether by the owner of the car or any other permissive driver, is not covered under any insurance policy and the damages have to be compensated by the person at fault.

Myth 3: My laptop got stolen while it was lying in my car. Of course, my car insurance policy will pay for the loss.

Reality: Your car insurance policy does not cover the contents of your car, such as your laptop, mobile phone, jewellery, or any other valuable item (unless add-on covers are availed). However, the same can be covered under a property insurance policy, which is a separate policy.

Tip: Don’t leave your valuables in the car unattended. Your car insurance policy is not responsible for it.

It’s important to differentiate myths and rumours from facts to ensure you’re not denied a claim. Reading from trusted sources can help you understand insurance better. Keeping this in mind, OneInsure has recently launched a WhatsApp Connect campaign wherein we provide quick insights and relevant information on insurance and finance. The primary objective behind this campaign is to keep our customers and readers updated with the latest developments in the insurance and related industries, thereby helping them take the right financial decisions.

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