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Life Insurance - Give Your Loved Ones the Gift of Security

That Friday night, Rajiv was elated. After so many long nights toiling in the office, the Boss had finally awarded him with a promotion. Exiting the office that night, Rajiv felt like everything was falling into place. Bidding his fellow employees goodbye for the weekend, he opened his car door and started on the long journey home.

Rajiv was eager to share the good news and celebrate with his wife, Anjali and his little daughter, Tia. As he drove, night had fallen and the usual rush-hour traffic had died down considerably. The tranquility of the midnight road gave Rajiv time to think as he zipped towards the city. Rajiv was satisfied in life. He was excelling at a job he was passionate about. Anjali’s catering business was beginning to break even. Tia had entered the rollercoaster of primary school just the previous week. Together, the three of them made a great team.

Rajiv’s mind was so engrossed in these happy thoughts that he did not hear the jeep. The vehicle approaching Rajiv was being driven by a group of intoxicated youths who had forgotten to turn on their headlights. The jeep had now swerved into Rajiv’s lane. Blissfully unaware of the imminent collision, Rajiv stepped on the accelerator. Rajiv’s car crashed into the jeep with immense force. Everything happened so swiftly. The force of the collision caused Rajiv to have a concussion. Rajiv lay in agonizing pain in his damaged car. As he lay, his whole life flashed before his eyes. In the end, he saw a vision of Tia graduating and Anjali looking on proudly. Following that, he departed this life. When Rajiv’s body was found, he was found with a faint smile on his lips.

When Tia and Anjali were informed about the untoward incident, they mourned and grieved for Rajiv. However, life went on. Tia started pursuing tennis lessons and through the years, she won many tournaments. After graduating from school, she decided that she wanted to make tennis her career. Her dream became a reality. Anjali expanded her catering business to hotels and became one of the most reputed in her field. Anjali never once had a problem paying the monthly rent or financing Tia’s tennis. All this was made possible by Rajiv’s foresight of buying life insurance.

Did you know that 43% of families in the world do not own a life insurance policy? All of us have very special relationships with our dependents and loved ones and want the best for them in life. However, the course of life is extremely unpredictable and nobody knows what tomorrow will bring. In the event that we cannot provide for our loved ones, life insurance is the solution. Give your family the most important gift: The Gift of Security.

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