Travel Insurance

  • While travelling abroad, people generally ensure they have travel insurance policies. Many foreign countries even have this as a pre-condition for visa issuanceBut what about when you’re travelling within the country? Why do many think it’s okay not to have a travel cover then? Being financially covered in your home-country is just as important as being insured when you’re abroad.

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  • Traveling to the US, Paris, Australia, New Zealand or any other foreign country for studies is a whole new experience and fills one with thrills, hopes, and all the positive energy. The atmosphere at home before going is filled with both – the excitement of the beginning of a new life and, the fear of the unexpected in a foreign land. Unfortunate events like falling sick, meeting with an accident, breaking teeth, losing baggage or one’s worst nightmare – losing passport, can make your stay difficult both on the mind and on the wallet. Medical expenses in countries like the US et al. are towering at a much faster rate than in India. What should the students then focus on - studies or expenses? These unfortunate instances can shift students’ focus from their studies. In such a situation, experts advise to cut down the worries with a student travel plan.

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  • If you are traveling overseas, you got to have travel insurance, though it is not mandatory in some countries. Purchasing just any policy will not serve the purpose but you would need the right policy with the right cover. Let us explain with an incident that took place with one of our customers.

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