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Insurance ki kahaani, Bhola aur Chathurvedi ki zubaani

Born in the same locality, Bhola and Chathur (Chathurvedi) grew up together. From sharing their lunch to going on picnics, they reached their high school. Their friendship grew with time. Today, they’re working together in an MNC. They are similar in many aspects but different in some. Bhola for instance is naive and lacks practical knowledge. Chathur however is streetwise. Time and again, besides being a good friend, he plays the role of financial advisor to Bhola.

Their debates on insurance and investments are what we are interested in. Bhola may be naive but at times, he leaves Chathurvedi thinking by putting forth valid points. So, we present to you some of the insights of their debates on insurance.

Emergencies can strike any one of us!


Healthcare and education costs are increasing by leaps and bounds.

Stop depending on friends and relatives to take care of your financial emergency.

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*The characters in the article are fictitious. They have been created only to explain insurance to the readers.

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