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Which Avenger Are You – What Your Portfolio Tells about You!

The insurance policies you own can tell a lot about who you are as a person.

With Avengers: Endgame just released, it had been quite a long wait before the disintegrated Avengers returned. But, while they were gone, we all pondered the reason for the vanishing of only select characters. Well, we are taking it as Marvel’s way of saying:

That’s How Random Life Can Be!
— Marvel Studios
(with help from Thanos and his gauntlet)

Among the 50% of the Earth’s population that were gone, some of our favourites were gone for quite a while too. And things were extremely stressful for the fallen heroes’ families and friends who survived – not to mention us, the fans!

Now, since our heroes have returned and the insurance policies they have are back in effect, OneInsure has carefully studied the Avengers’ smart insurance purchases. In this piece, you can find out which policy makes you more like your favourite Avenger.

All Avengers Have Mandatory Health Insurance

This is a condition set down by Nick Fury for all Avengers born on Earth. Non-Earth beings like Thor are uninsurable, though.

A mediclaim policy directly qualifies you to be any Avenger you may want to be. Everyone is supposed to have a health insurance policy. If you do not, you are truly out of the world!

Personal Accident Insurance – Spiderman

Is it your birthright to constantly fall in and out of trouble? Is your calling for adventure and thrill strong? Even with SpideySense, he knows not everything is in his control. The same goes for you – a personal accident policy pays for your mess-ups.

Bike Insurance – Captain America

You love bikes. So does the Captain. He has a comprehensive policy and has always ridden safe and followed rules. To be Captain America, you need to be your best at all times. If you have a strong passion to live on the road, your life and your fatfatti are best covered with a good bike insurance policy and the best riders.

Term Insurance – Ant-Man

Well, you know that thing about living life on the edge, right? In Ant-Man’s case, his life has constant twists and turns, and very rarely does he settle in a single reality. A term insurance policy secures you for a time limit of your choosing, and gives you flexibility to change the term or change your policy whenever you like. A term plan requires really small payments, no commitments, and pays out gigantically.

Retirement Plan – Doctor Strange

Not many know this, but using his powers, Dr. Strange went into the future to check how his retirement plan would be performing. Amazed with what he saw, he immediately returned to the present and started a retirement plan to take the benefit of compounding. A retirement plan requires dedication, persistence, and a good amount of patience for the best results. All while paying back mysteriously well.

Unit-linked Insurance Plan – Iron Man

What do you need most when you have money at your disposal? More money! A ULIP is an investor’s best deal – with returns as high as mutual funds and awesome tax benefits. Tony Stark is a smart investor who will put his best foot forward in both investing in great ideas and securing his family with a hefty amount of money in his absence.

No Insurance – Hulk

Congrats! If you have no insurance, that means you’re indestructible (or are you?). Yes, that was sarcasm!

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